Children living with symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome

Posted by naenae01 @naenae01, Jan 28, 2018

We have adopted a 4 yr.old with symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. She crashes often due to balance issues while she also has pain sensory issues. Her biological mom used both marijuana and methamphetamine while pregnant. She was a smoker also. We have addressed most of her issues with therapies and been very happy with the results. She has a long road ahead. We are sure her puberty and teenaged years will be eventful. We are and will always be here for her. Is there anyone else out there raising children with these beginnings? We could use all the advise available.

Hi Naenae, welcome to Connect.
@pricet and @ljpettit talked a while back about raising children with fetal alcohol syndrome here: Thanks for starting the discussion anew. I’m tagging @dusti who cares for a young man with FAS and also @irene5 who raised many children, including adopted children. While she may not have direct experience with fetal alcohol syndrome, she may have some thoughts for you.

While we wait for others to join the conversation, can you tell us a bit more about the therapies that have worked well for your daughter and your family?


Hi. It is admirable that you have taken on this challenge. As a k/1 teacher for 43 years I did have a child with fetal alcohol. He was very bright but had issues with impulse control (adhd) and some developmental delays. He is all grown up now and turned out quite well. (I am fortunate to have ten children with ages 44 down to 20 who can tell me about some of the munchkins I had in school.) I don’t know what is offered where you live, but there is a lot available for that syndrome. I will say that in terms of education (hopefully your little one has been in a birth to three) program), choosing the right teacher is paramount! You are your child’s advocate. Don’t ever forget that. Also remember to take advantage of respite. All parents, even the best of us, need a break now and again. Good luck!

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