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Fetal Alcohol

Posted by @pricet in About Kids & Teens, Jan 10, 2012

Just wondering if anyone has parented a teen w/fetal alcohol. Our daughter has not been diag., but her birth mother is an alcoholic. We did not give it much thought until now. She is 17 & quite frankly not doing well. I'm sure it could be worse, but would like some input on how to handle.

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Posted by @ljpettit, Feb 5, 2012

My husband and I adopted an eight year old boy who has fetal alcohol syndrome among other diagnoses. He is now 15. This is my first time in a discussion group so l'm not exactly sure how it works but I do know quite a bit about FAS and have had many difficulties with my son, but information and therapists have helped us. He is a very sweet boy at heart. I'd be glad to talk with you. If anyone else can offer me further help please also private message me.


Posted by @pricet, Feb 6, 2012

Thank you so much. We started seeing a counselor right before Thanksgiving & it has helped to some degree. My husband & I struggle w/the thought of her being out on her own, because she lives in such a fantasy world. I have read that this can be an issue w/kids that have FAS & FAE. Our other concern is she will be 18 in Oct. & repeatedly tells us she is moving out. Does your son know that he has FAS? We have never told our daughter & sometimes I wonder if it would help for her to know. Thanks for replying & listening. By the way, I have never been a part of a discussion group either.


Posted by @ljpettit, Feb 8, 2012

We have told our son that he has FAS because his birth mother drank alcohol during her pregnancy. We have not told him that he has a low IQ which may or may not be associated with FAS. Each child with FAS has some different characteristics due to genetics, how much alcohol was drunk at what exact stage of development. Our son is very impulsive and has very little understanding of numbers. He has also been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was neglected, physically and sexually abused which complicates things. He will definately need us to be guardians since kids with FAS often have little concept of money. I'm not sure what you mean when you say your daughter lives in a fantasy world.

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