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Kelptomania any one else suffer from this?

Posted by @alc9898, Sep 22, 2011

This is a true issue, and I thought initially that it was just me following along with a friend several years ago, now I have gotten myself into trouble a few years back. I am a very reputable citizen, married with a beautiful family, and I am down spiraling due to this issue. It is embarrassing and I have NO IDEA what on earth to do, but I truly need to seek some help, was wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue!?



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Posted by @deanna97, Sep 24, 2011

yea my daughter is 14and we just find this out..

Posted by @shannakent18yahoocom, Dec 2, 2011

i am in the same boat as you are alc9898..married..two kids…you r not alone!

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