Howdy fellow worriers: Questions about lung biopsy for COPD

Posted by The Mad Yank @themadyank, Oct 9, 2014

Howdy fellow worriers (I speak mainly for myself)… I’ve got a bunch of probs, but never let ’em get me down. Until lately, that is. Now My COPD has decided to flare (I’m writing this from the hospital) and – icing on the proverbial cake – I’ve been told “That spot on your lung has grown.” Well, that ain’t good, but it’s a double whammy when nobody mentioned the spot BEFORE it grew. When I mentioned this little oversight, I got an indifferent, “Oh, nobody told you?”

Okay, enough venting. I had a Pet-Scan two days ago (no results yet) but am hoping for the best. Still, I’m thinking, what if they want to do a biopsy? If been reading (justifying my cowardice) that the biopsy is a much overused procedure. True? False?

Has anybody been through one? And for the the $64000 question: Does it hurt? A lot?


The Yank

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Hi @themadyank. Here’s information about biopsy procedures that you may find helpful

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Hi Margaret –

Much obliged for the info. Doesn\’t sound as bad as I feared and helps put
my mind at ease. Coincidentally, I just got word (minutes ago) that the
biopsy has been ordered. *Damn*.



I had an open lung biopsy 2 months ago. I was feeling unsure about it as i had just been through 2 hospitals stays with pneumonia and several other procedurss. That procedure was the thing that finally have me a diagnosis after years.
I won’t sugar coat it. I was is awful pain for 2 days while I had my chest tube in but 1 week later was back at work. I have an amazing health care team but I will still never regret doing it, even though it was painful for a few days.

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