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My 11 year old has mesenteric adenitis. Chronic Migraine and dizziness for [...]

Posted by @kathywang in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Nov 12, 2013

My 11 year old has mesenteric adenitis. Chronic Migraine and dizziness for 12 weeks. Very leary of Amitryptoline 10mg which doctors perscribed. She has missed 60 days of school and no will to go or do anything.

Tags: mesenteric adenitis, Chronic Migraine, dizziness

Posted by @kateteece, Nov 20, 2013

Please excuse my delay in responding. It sounds like your daughter is going through quite a difficult time! Migraines can be associated with dizziness, although there can be many other factors as well. Generally we advise patients to ask their primary care provider for a referral to an audiologist for a hearing evaluation and vestibular evaluation. I hope your daughter would be willing to try this. Good luck!


Posted by @kathywang, Nov 20, 2013

All was normal on the tests. Dr. Samy at UC said this is not vestibular dizziness it is due to dizziness due to the migraine and can not be treated with physical therapy. After 12 weeks of misery, her migraines and swallen lymph nodes have subsided/reduced greatly. She is better now. Mesentery adenitis and all its central nervous system problems go away and can not be treated with anything (because it is a virus). No Amitryptoline for migraine works either, just makes dizziness worse.

Posted by @kateteece, Nov 22, 2013

I'm glad she is doing better than before, but sounds like she may still be dizzy. If so, despite normal test results, then she may need a more comprehensive dizziness work-up, such as what is offered through the Mayo Clinic.

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