Liver disease itching

Posted by jeanne5009 @jeanne5009, Nov 26, 2018

Does anyone have info or treatments for itching? My scalp and lower back have a very itchy rash. Tried ointment shampoo, antihistamine and steroids…wont go away. I am Stage 4 liver cirrhosis. Dermatologist and PVP are stumped.

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@rosemarya Hello. It is cool here but the crocus are poking through.
I am starting to eat more solids without pain. Tastebuds are still way out of whack and certain food textures (like bread) are still compromised. I am moving April 1st so I've been pàcking boxes to keep busy.
I do have a question though. What are your thoughts on swimming in public/private pools, oceans and lakes? I'm concerned about bacteria in the water.

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@gaylea1, I am going to make a nonmedical guess that when your bile duct issues are resolved, your taste will return to normal. I have my fingers crossed🤞.

As far as swimming etc, here is what I found in a handout after my transplant about Infection Prevention after Transplant. It is a typed page, and there is no quoted source. Here is what it says about water:
-Avoid use of hot tubs, especially public ones. Swimming in pools or the ocean is okay as long a you do not have any open cuts or sores. Do not swallow the water. Wear water shoes or sandals when walking along the beach or wading into water from the shore.
-Do not wade into flood waters or murky lakes and streams.

I am happy that @contentandwell has provided excellent information from her own experience of what works for her. I am not a water person.

I wonder if anyone else has any water related experience to share? What have you been told? What works for you?


Yes. I have


Yes. I have

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@melhem, I see that you are a new member and I want to extend a Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.
What brings you to this discussion about liver disease itching? Would you care to share some information about yourself so that I can better communicate with you?


I am a nurse and I have experience in herbal medicine for more than 15 years

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