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Liver disease itching

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Hi Miss itchy!
I have had Stage 4 cirrhosis for 3 years. Like
You, I got the itchies. I went to my regular PcP, 2 dermatologists and did a ton of research. They diiagnosed Ecxema which I believe is due to my poor auto immune system. I scrathed myself silly at night. Steroid creams helped a little but I used different products on different days. I tried everything Aveeno.shampoo, body wash and their anti itch cream worked pretty well. Then ther was Lidiocane RX ,Triamcunolone RX..best one, Doxi gaba cream, Elidel. And apple cider vi negar on my hair and in a tub.
None of that stuff cured it…it had to leave in its own sweet time…about 3 mo.The doc gave me hydoxcine to help me sleep.
So sorry you got this happy side effect. Always check with your doc before you do anything because we all are different.
Good Luck
PS Get to the best hepatologist you can find ASAP. It takes time to get appts.
Keep your PCP if he knows anything about cirrhosis. It is importanr to get one that knows about it and is willing to work with your hepatologist.
I have a great one who had a patient who had a transplant and is doing fine. I have an excellent hepatologist who is head of the transplant team in Tampa…45 min away. I also have been evaluated at Mayo in Jacksonville. Just cant tell you enough good things about them. I am too early but have developed a heart issue that could change that. So now I am trying to get a cardiologisr appt. At Mayo or Temple General. Thank God I have good insurace!,

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@jeanne5009 the only thing that cured my itching was the actual transplant. It was a long 16 months but it's mostly gone now.

@jeanne5009, My friends have told me that I know more about the inside working of my body that anyone that they know. It sounds to me like you are soon to be in the same elite group. I do hope that you will get an appointment soon. However, I will add that sometimes if your need is an urgent one, your PCP can get you in to an appointment sooner that you can do it. Well – sometimes – Several years ago I was having breathing issues (Diagnosed as asthma possibly related to tapering off long term prednisone) After pulmonolgist finished his eval, my PCP was going to arrange an appointment with cardiologist and his office would call me later that afternoon. Instead, I had a frightening episode, and so my PCP had me go the the local hospital for overnight observation and he requested a cardiologist. Would you believe that the cardiologist did not even show up until next morning, and he never even got back with me for the results on a test that my PCP had already ordered. My husband and I had to call in Patient care representative to get a discharge order from my PCP. But I did get an appointment with a cardiologist for the following Monday!

With the changing season and weatehr coming, is there any change in the air quality and the red tide on the beaches?
Keep in touch. I send you a big hug.