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Liver disease itching

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@caro72 hi there. I also am from Canada – London Ontario. I had a liver transplant Nov 28 2018. Where are you from? Which hospital are you referred to?
I would be asking my doctor a lot of questions. Are you seeing a hepatologist? Has a transplant been mentioned or alternative medication been prescribed? Until you know your MELD score and have been referred to a specialist you will not be placed on a transplant wait list (if needed). If they are taking blood monthly ask what they are testing for. Just a few suggestions. Research and the good people on this site will help with any questions you have based on their experiences. We are all here to help.

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So I am from a small town near north bay and I was recently diagnosed so I haven’t met any other specialist then my gastroenterologist and when I ask questions he doesn’t really answer me so going to see my family doctor tmr and ask him all my questions and see if I could have maybe a second opinion