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Liver disease itching

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Sorry I have no idea about meld score all I was told was that I have compensated liver cirrhosis probably due to type 2 diabetes my wt is 126 pounds the doc wants me to lose another 15 pounds …. but yes I have rt upper quadrant pain and as the day progresses it feels swollen and hard maybe it has no relation who knows

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@caro72 one thing I learned about cirrhosis is that there are many symptoms and I doubt anyone has all of them. If you have right upper quadrant pain, that probably is your liver. Has your doctor indicated it is or is not?

Your weight is not very high, I’m surprised your doctor wants you to lose weight. Do you know your BMI?

I was not pushed to lose weight even though I was overweight, but I did lose it because I felt it would make my recovery easier. I used MyFitnessPal to track my food and an activity tracker to help keep me motivated to exercise.