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Liver disease itching

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Yes I do have a gastroenterologist but he is not really paying much attention to my symptoms and to how I feel with this sickness he can’t even tell me what diet I should be on, tells me I don’t have pain in my rt upper quadrant and such I am not at the point for liver transplant for now since it’s compensated Nash for now I am not a last minute person and I am a nurse so it’s hard for me since I know somewhat what this is …. I am about 4 hours from a transplant centre and hopefully this research will help it’s Obeticholic acid double blinded study it’s for 2 years first year some will be on the med and some on a placebo they will collect data from blood work for a year then everyone in the study will take the med for the second year in our area they said I was the youngest on the trial …

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@caro72, My experience is that you probably do not need a transplant center now. And maybe you never will. Would you consider finding a different GI?
It sounds interesting to be part of a research study. Do you mind me asking how you got involved in it? There must be some connection to a reliable research team connected with NASH/liver disease who will be available to you? How will you be monitored for your liver health during this 2 year interval?

@caro72 I never had pain anywhere in my body when I had NASH cirrhosis. I did have declining platelet count, shaky hands, and a host of other symptoms that I never would have related to cirrhosis, but they were.
Do you know what your MELD score is?