Hi back after a long time

Posted by curlysunflowers @curlysunflowers, Apr 3, 2018

Hi there everybody I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend and is enjoying a spring I'm glad to be back I'm glad that I finally figure this out I'm not a hundred percent that I figured the side out but I am trying because the few times that I was on here it really did help so thank you in general to everybody and much gratitude

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We are still here. I’m still caring for my sister with moderate dementia and just had a hip replacement this past January. Tell us about you.


Hi @curlysunflowers, how are you doing? Would love to get an update on your caregiving situation.


Hi there Colleen thank you for asking in short it's really bad and I just don't want to do anything else or deal with anything else and yet there's so much to deal with and yet I don't want to do anything I'm tired of this all in so many ways and on so many levels that's the shortest way I can put a very complex situations and that situations with an s thank you so much for asking that means a lot somebody so far away cares more than those here thank you

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