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progressive supranuclear palsy

Posted by @jhinken in Brain & Nervous System, Jun 10, 2012

Is there anyone that can help me. My Dad was diagnosed with psp about 3 years ago. He is now in the hospital, because he fell last week, and then he was not able to walk. Now all he does is sleep. Is this going to improve or does this not sound good. When he is awake they are feeding him thickened or pureed foods. Im just concerned he may be close to dying.


Posted by @jhinken, Jun 12, 2012

Today my dad has improved slightly. He was awake more today. Still has to be fed the puree food. He was trying to change the channels on the tv. Also snapping his fingers. He is going home tomorrow. Hospice has been called and they have already delivered the bed. Just not sure how long before this disease takes him.
From what I have read, its usually pneumonia that ends the patients life. But at least we can have him at home where he can be with family and be comfortable.
From what I have seen of this horrible disease it is so frustrating. Especially when the man who worked so hard all of his life and raised 7 kids is helpless now.
So sad. The worst part is he cannot talk and communicate with us. We dont know if he is hurting or not.


Posted by @afoster80, Mar 24, 2016

has a neursurgeon identified this disease as PSP

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