Caring for NDPH Family Member

Posted by Dog Lover @grandma88, Oct 28, 2022

NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache) doesn't get much, if any, research money, but there are thousands of men, women and children suffering from it. I wanted a space where the caregivers /family members of these NDPH sufferers can vent, exchange ideas and share experiences with each other. WELCOME and please share.

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My 15 year old daughter has had a headache for 9 months. She has lost out on so much. This really sucks!


@grandma88, How awful to have daily headaches! And the doctors can do nothing except give it a name? I found a link that might be helpful:
Has your daughter been to a major medical center or university medical center? It would certainly be worth it for both of you.
What has your daughter tried , so far, to lessen the pain?

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