Inspired by Time with Mother Nature: Meet @jodeej

Dec 14, 2018 | Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor | @rosemarya | Comments (9)

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ROSEMARY: What brought you to Mayo Clinic Connect? What motivates you to take part in the community?

@jodeej: I came to Connect last year after we found out my husband was going to need a liver transplant. I joined to learn more about what to expect in the coming months. I was so happy to find such a caring community of people willing to share their experiences to help others. I love being able to share ours to help others, also.

ROSEMARY: What about Connect makes you feel comfortable to share and to be open with the community?

@jodeej: The openness of others on Connect makes it easy to ask questions and to share experiences. Everyone is open about what they have gone through, so that makes it easy to ask questions and to want to share so you can help others.

ROSEMARY: What groups do you participate in?

@jodeej: I participate in the Caregivers and Transplants groups.

ROSEMARY: Who has been a special connection for you on Connect?

@jodeej: @rosemarya and @contentandwell are two with whom I feel a connection. My husband and I actually got to meet @jerrydrennan, along with his wife and daughter, while we were in Rochester, Minnesota, at Mayo Clinic this summer.

ROSEMARY: What surprised you the most about Connect?

@jodeej: I find it surprising how invested you feel with others on here, even though you haven't met them in person. All of us are going through our separate journeys, and we are helping each other along the way.

ROSEMARY: What energizes you, or how do you find balance in your life?

@jodeej: I enjoy walking and doing yoga, and I’ve been trying some meditation. I also find going to church brings everything back into perspective for me.

ROSEMARY: Tell us about your favorite pastime or activity.

@jodeej: I love going hiking. There is nothing better than some "face time" with Mother Nature. I also love to spend time with my husband, kids and grandson.

ROSEMARY: What food can you simply not resist?

@jodeej: I love coffee and sweets, especially cookies or pie. Yum. (This is why I walk! LOL.)

ROSEMARY: What do you love about where you live or vacation?

When I go on vacation, I love getting out to see the sights and experiencing nature. We have a lot of places to go hiking where we live, and I have been on some group hikes this past summer and discovered some new ones.

ROSEMARY: Puppies or kittens?

@jodeej: I would have to go with puppies … we have 2 dogs.

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Hi @jodee! I loved reading your spotlight. Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi, JoDee. I hope you enjoy your moment in the spotlight! I enjoyed working with you, and getting to know more about you. Your phrase, ' "face time" with Mother Nature' is terrific! I love it.


Hi, JoDee. I hope you enjoy your moment in the spotlight! I enjoyed working with you, and getting to know more about you. Your phrase, ' "face time" with Mother Nature' is terrific! I love it.

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Thank you! I enjoyed working with you, too. 🙂


Hi @jodeej - I LOVED reading your spotlight. You are such a breath of fresh air in our Gratitude Group and it is so nice to get to know you better. Thanks for this great article.


Great introduction to a Connect member with many good ideas!


Lovely to get to know you even better @jodeej Have a lovely holiday season! Cheers to you!


@jodeej Very nice spotlight. I can really relate to "This is why I walk!". It's the same with me, I swear on the days I do not get to the gym or pool I gain a pound!


I am very thankful to all who participated in this group.You are all great to text to.😄

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