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2 hours ago · prolapsed bladder improvement in Kidney & Bladder

@misssassy That was not really stressed to me either but it was mentioned after I lost weight, and it did help, but it didn't help enough. I still have problems and had a Botox injection and plan to have another.

2 hours ago · What about cruising post liver transplant? in Transplants

@jodeej It really was idyllic. We just discovered that our passports are expiring in February. My husband keeps them and thought it was later this year so today we sent in applications for new passports which puts things off until March unless we stay in this country. My only concern is going to an all-inclusive I know I will be eating too much sodium. I prefer a VRBO for that reason.

2 hours ago · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@auntieoakley @cireland I don't know my endocrinologist well, I have just had one appointment with her, but my PCP also suggested Reclast and commented that he had recommended it for his own mother. Also, we have a very close friend who is a doctor, recently retired, and he too thought that Reclast was the best option for his wife, and he is not a big drug prescriber at all.

3 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Congratulations @jakedduck1 I don't know how you lose weight with all of that candy around! You obviously do have some good will-power.

3 hours ago · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

@saeternes You are doing amazingly well. That's great, I am really happy for you.

3 hours ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

@nasale I take omeprazole daily. The gastro that I went to initially had me taking two 20 mg a day to get it under control, and then after a month or two, it was reduced to one. It barely showed up on my last endoscopy in the fall.
Good advice from @pdilly too.
Also, sorry I did not previously welcome you to Connect. I hope you can get some help here from other patients experiencing the same or similar problems. Barrett's is definitely a highly discussed condition.

23 hours ago · What is happening in Digestive Health

@soconfused that’s unusual to not even able to eat very aged cheese, but I know some people’s lactose intolerance is that severe that even a very minute amount can be a problem. I use almond milk a lot too, and almond milk creamer at home. I’ve tried almond milk yogurt recently too, and a coconut milk yogurt. I need to remember to start bringing creamer to restaurants, I enjoy coffee after a meal and black is just not as enjoyable for me, although I will drink it.

2 days ago · What is happening in Digestive Health

Hi, @soconfused Welcome to Connect.
I’m not 100% sure, but I think you can have an intolerance for something like dairy but not be allergic to it. I have developed an intolerance for lactose in dairy. I can still eat aged cheese. The lactose drops out during the aging process, it’s actually in the whey. I avoid soy when possible but I don’t think it presents a problem for me.
I use mostly fresh foods so they do not contain soy, and I substitute aged cheese sometimes for non-aged cheese. I haven’t found a substitute for ricotta though. I put provolone on pizza and my husband and I both actually like it more than with mozzarella, it has more flavor. I have found lactose free, real dairy sour cream, yogurt (not Greek) and half and half at Whole Foods. So far meal prep hasn’t been too much of a problem.
I have no idea if your intolerances can be a sign of anything else, but many people do have these intolerances and that’s all they have – nothing more concerning.
Lactose intolerance is a real nuisance, particularly when eating out. I have not gotten any help from lactaid but Digestive Advantage, Dairy Defense does help if I just have a small amount of dairy. I generally keep some with me and take 2 before eating out just in case there’s any dairy in anything I eat. I haven’t found any restaurant that has non-dairy coffee creamer so if I remember I will bring some powered creamer with me.