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1 hour ago · I'm having problems managing Type 2 Diabetes with medication in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@ginaquilts I can't help but be curious. How is a physical done over the phone? Obviously the physician cannot take your blood pressure, listen to your heart of any of the hands-on parts of a physical. I will be having a physical sometime in the near future so I am interested in hearing what can be done on the phone to make it a real physical. I have had other appointments on the phone.

1 hour ago · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi, @billjan1950 Welcome to Connect.

I have had two TKRs and have not had any numbness. If it's been a year what does your ortho say about it? If he/she does not have any answers then I would get a second opinion from a highly regarded doctor with no association with the original doctor. Preferably a doctor at a major medical center.

One of the real questions is, is this so problematic that it impacts you greatly? It sounds like a nerve issue which I guess may happen sometimes during surgery. If that, it may not be correctable so hopefully it is something that you can live with and put in the back of your mind. It would be good to know precisely what the problem is though.

1 hour ago · Life after a cancer diagnosis in Cancer

@texascitylady That type of diagnosis really is overwhelming. I remember when I was diagnosed with late-stage cirrhosis, it really shook me up. I was fortunate in that everything worked out well with an eventual liver transplant, but there was cancer in my liver so now I continue to have MRIs to make sure it had not metastasized. I have them once a year. It was supposed to be in April but was delayed of course so now I go tomorrow.

Please let us know how you are doing and what the treatment plan will be. We are with you in spirit.

1 hour ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@lioness Homemade cinnamon buns! Yum. I don't work with yeast much anymore, just for pizza dough these days. The only reason I do that is that I can make our pizza with provolone which has no lactose.

18 hours ago · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

@danab It's not measles that shingles is related to, it's chicken pox.

18 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@imallears My ex-doctor is very good in many ways but first he did not diagnose my cirrhosis in almost a year and a half, it was finally diagnosed by a neurologist, and more recently he dropped the ball for over 5 years on my osteoporosis despite my having osteopenia in January 2014 and being on prednisone. So, I have switched doctors. He was so darned nice and actually apologetic about the osteoporosis that if I hadn't just had an appointment with the new doctor he may have won me back. We had an excellent rapport. He admitted he was concentrating on other things and thought that with all of my exercise, etc., I would be fine. Wrong.

19 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@imallears You can't have my sign, it was a gift as was my hat that says "wine chic". On our yearly trips to CA wine country I really learned a lot and I enjoyed that very much.

That was a time when my doctor had really done a lot for me, when I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. He had gone above and beyond and I knew what he liked in wine. He is also a doctor who is fairly opposed to a lot of drugs so I doubt he gets much in the way of compensation from drug companies. The goodies were for the staff, but I am quite sure he kept the wine himself.

I think there is no way to make a blanket statement, our relationships with our doctors are very individual. He is the only one to whom I ever gave a gift, and I have a lot of doctors. Despite the fact that I recently changed doctors we had a very close relationship and he called recently to talk about it.

Our friend, the retired doctor whom I have mentioned before used to get all kinds of stuff, and a lot of home-baked goodies. Another friend, a periodontist, got extremely expensive gifts from patients!

@funcountess My husband has given up on his grandchildren. He nows sends them personal checks because then he least knows if it was received and cashed.

21 hours ago · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

@rosemarya The only time I wish they hadn't been looking out for me so well was when they told me we should not take our vacation to St. Martin. That was early, before there were any restrictions, so I was surprised but I guess they knew what was coming.