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Thu, Apr 11 5:55pm · CAR-T Cell Therapy: Introduce yourself and connect with others in CAR-T Cell Therapy

@kjmahoney the Gift of Life is a great place to stay. You need to tour it before you can stay so you can learn the rules and see if it's a good fit for you. After that just let them know when you will be there and if it's not full you will have a room. If they happen to be full, they will contact hotels in town on your behalf too get you a discounted room. We've only had to do that once in all the times we stayed.

The people you will meet there become like family. It's great to talk to people that are walking a similar journey as you. I highly recommend giving it a try.


Sat, Mar 9 7:32pm · Antibiotics for dental work in Transplants

Tim was told by his transplant team he did not need to take any antibiotics before dental work unless he had needed to before transplant.

Wed, Feb 20 8:36am · Hi I’m scared for my transplant in Transplants

@shelly63 good idea in joining the organization. Sometimes something local gets better results. (Just my thoughts.) Do you belong to a church? That could also be a help.

Have you appealed the disability denial? I know sometimes you have to apply 2-3 times before it's approved.


Wed, Feb 20 5:49am · Hi I’m scared for my transplant in Transplants

Michelle, that is a scary situation. Do you have friends or family that can help you? One person doesn't have to give you all of it, but if several could help, or maybe they could do a fundraiser for you.
Just some thoughts
Blessings and prayers you get the help you need.

Mon, Feb 18 5:43pm · Thinking of training for a 5k-Ohio Edition! in Healthy Living

@leross21 you can do this!! There are a lot of videos on YouTube. I recommend Leslie Sansone as a good starting point as she has shorter walks. (15 minutes or so) Jessica Smith also has some good videos on there that are called 1 mile walk and talk. They also least about 15 minutes. Otherwise, put on some of your favorite music and dance! It will do wonders for your mood and it's great exercise, plus it's free! 🙂

If you specifically want a 5k training there are several Couch to 5k trainings out there. Just do a search for it.

If course talk to your doctor first and get his recommendation. I can't wait to hear your updates.

Sat, Feb 16 4:47pm · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

@threerrr3 congratulations on your upcoming transplant! When my husband's had his liver transplant last July he was on lifting restrictions for 4 months. He is still careful now with lifting if he is turning with the weight.
Best of luck and blessings,

Tue, Feb 12 9:31am · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@jakedduck1 if you cook them together make sure the pieces are smaller so they will cook in the same amount of time as the veggies.

Tue, Feb 12 8:56am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

@rosemarya I'll give you our Tim update. He has been doing speech for his chemo brain for about a month now. I have seen improvement! (Some days are definitely better than others.) My goal is for him to be doing well enough that I'll feel comfortable leaving him for a few days so I can help our daughter after our grandchild arrives the end of March!