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Fri, Oct 25 6:47pm · Bile Duct Cancer in Podcasts

Thank you
But I dont FB
Face book.

Mon, Oct 21 7:33pm · Bile Duct Cancer in Podcasts

Yes ma'am thank you.
I am on there and have been there. I am just trying to see what's out there. More info another someone to help that has maybe onsite. Thank you
How do I get to active member.

Sun, Oct 6 4:03pm · Cholangiocarcinoma - Bile Duct Cancer - anyone else dealing with this? in Cancer

Hello I am Jerry
I was diagnosed with de novo prehillar cholangiocarcinoma.
I have been thru protocol and received a liver transplant.
My old liver still had residual adenocarcinoma and peranural invasion. I have been told I have 3-5 yrs.
I am a yr into this now. I am not sure how I can help you. But i am available for any thoughts or questions. My heart and Prayers go out to you.
I was diagnosed in Feb. 2017.
God Bless
Jerry Drennan

Sun, Oct 6 2:45pm · Bile Duct Cancer in Podcasts

My name is Jerry Drennan
I was diagnosed with de novo cholangiocarcinoma prehillar in Feb 2017. I went thru chemoradiation protocol and I was transplant sept 2018.
My explant showed active residul microscopic adenocarcinoma positive for peranural invasion. My questions is are there others out there.

Thu, Apr 11 12:36pm · CAR-T Cell Therapy: Introduce yourself and connect with others in CAR-T Cell Therapy

Hello I am Jerrydrennan
I had a liver transplant 7mths ago. After my transplant I stayed at the GOL house for my recovery . My wife is disabled and not a le to stay at the GOL. My brothers helped alo g with my niece .
Changing caregivers is not hard . Need to get registered and they can take turns. Our daughter took care my wife/mom.
They where able to visit everyday. We had dinner at the GOL house together and enjoyed the game room upstairs. If there is any question that I can help with please ask. Also @jodeej is very helpful I follow her lead with her husband.
God Bless
Jerry Drennan

Mon, Feb 25 7:07pm · gas issues post liver transplant in Transplants

Hello, welcome
I am 5 months post liver transplant for chalangiocarcenoma .
I had some bloating and gas at first but the more I walked the better it got. Every once and awhile I get it. Then I go for a walk. I wish you the best. I am dealing with my own issues. Connect can help.
God Bless
Jerry Drennan

Thu, Feb 7 11:09am · Cholangiocarcinoma - Bile Duct Cancer - anyone else dealing with this? in Cancer

So UHS Transplant is under MD Anderson. The are the local care for me as mentioned earlier.

Thu, Feb 7 11:06am · Cholangiocarcinoma - Bile Duct Cancer - anyone else dealing with this? in Cancer

I started with UHS in SAn Antonio. They sent my case to MD Anderson. I was declined. UHS is Governed by MD ANDERSON . They sent me to the Mayo Clinic.