Zika transmission

Posted by jordan52 @jordan52, Jul 15, 2016

If a person has Zika,can that person be sterile? Just a general question.

Hi @jordan52 – that’s a great question. I’ve included information on the Zika virus from Mayo Clinic (http://mayocl.in/295ncGi) and the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/zika/). After scanning the information from Mayo Clinic and CDC, I was not able to find a response that connects Zika and causing someone to be sterile. I’d encourage you to speak with your physician.

@jordan52, how have you currently been staying informed on the Zika virus?


Mostly from news channels. Recently there was a news from the US that a female transmitted Zika to a male sexually. I was just wondering the consequences for them both medically. Can the male still have healthy sperm and so on.


@jordan52, I saw that news as well. Have you had a chance to read the information I sent from the CDC? Let me know if you find anything in there that’s worth noting to the Connect community. Would you also be able to share the article (if there’s a specific one) that you’re referencing?

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