Epstein Barr Nuclear AG AB IGG result of over 600

Posted by lsh @lsh, May 3, 2020

Hello, I am searching for information and also input because of my hideously high lab results for EBNA Nuclear AB IGG. My result was given as over 600. The range is less than 18 is negative. Over 22 is positive. To restate, my lab result is over 600.

I am 52. I did have mono at age 11. For at least four years I have complained on numerous times to my PCP of fatigue. We suspected thyroid but that has been treated and I still have suffered from bouts of fatigue, feeling like I was coming down with a bug, dizziness, etc for 3 or 4 days out of just about every month for the last eighteen months. I finally saw a naturopath who tested me for EBV.

I love my Naturopath, but I am wondering if I should be seeing a specialist because of this high lab result.
I am on a treatment plan of antiviral supplements, and immune supporting vitamins and supplements which she said will probably need to be taken for at least three months.

Has anyone else had numbers this high? I am having trouble finding much information on reactivated EBV.

Thank you!

Sorry to hear you also are afflicted with this virus. My AB IGG numbers have gone up in the 700s and now in the 500s. I don’t feel much better in the lower numbers. I was first tested three years ago. I don’t go by my numbers. Some days I have energy then others and some days I just want to stay in bed. With the Covid-19 virus around, I don’t dare go out where others are. Not sure I could recover from another virus.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. May I ask what your doctors have told you about numbers this high? Does this mean it's chronic?


My doctors didn’t explain why the numbers were so high. My other tests were all negative so I’m not even sure myself what that tells me. My doctors aren’t that knowledgeable I learned more from reading about EBV on my own and belonging to a EBV Facebook group. I find this very informative.

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