Liver Fluke Fasciola Hepatica and the lives it wrecks

Posted by inthedark @inthedark, Apr 27 3:12am

I have come to learn that if you have a parasite infection that you unknowingly give people free rein to discriminate and dehumanize. It started in fall 2020, like I'd had my chest filet open. The most god awful pain ever, lump in throat that continued to swell to where I couldn't swallow solids, spine would swell, neck and into ears and jaw so swollen like it was wired shut, my ear canal eventually swelled shut and the taste of amphibian came to mind as I developed a unusually disgusting constant slime feeling in mouth. Then the lump in throat seemingly ruptured one day in March 2021 as if I was stabbed from inside out, knocked the wind out of me.then proceeded to salivate for several days so much so I had to walk around with a cup and it continued to get thicker and then gritty and I noticed I was spitting up these little white things that looked like sesame seeds and they were moving so went to local ER and they diagnosed me as delusional right out the gate. I went to the emergency room and urgent Care combined a total of 14 times in a two week period as I knew that something much more sinister was coming down the pipeline from my symptoms I was having far worse than the one I already had and I proceeded to choke up things that look like that's what I said I even told them that it looks like flukes nobody would listen to me nobody would do anything and in fact I treated myself with albendazole and praziquantel and all it did was slow it down. Oh did I forget to mention that it's subcutaneous as well yeah it's not just in my gastrointestinal tract and I'm sure you guys will learn to who I am if it kills me because it's imagining it's in my central nervous system because one came out of my eye on January 3rd and it's only a matter of time literally I can feel quicker in my brain sometimes and like my whole head almost stutters on my head thinking problems timing scheduling I can't do anymore I've lost my job because I can't work it's all I can do to get through the day every 12 weeks it goes through a peak. And what I mean by that is goes crazy under my skin and the ones under my skin and in my eye and for my bell I'll look completely different cuz they're all in different stages of morphology and I don't think I'm a doctor but education is education and I've been forced to educate myself on this and I've been doing nothing but trying to save my own ass since March 21 and it's my story and if I don't tell it nobody else will and this disease right here I should not have to be beating down doors to get a blood test that should I have been to me in a country where we were made to think that we don't have this issue here but let me tell you I've done my homework and it's a known thing and we'll see the vets are well aware of the liver flick issue and virtually no farm is free of liver fluke in California and it is waterborne that's a fact and it was also a fact is that the doctors are so poorly educated on parasite infections that they would rather dismiss you and send you home sick as hell even though I've had plenty of signs that point to supporting what I'm saying I have but they don't care it's seriously like I'm living in la la land I mean I don't know how to explain it it's like the Twilight zone it's almost like it's being done on purpose because all they're doing is setting me up to die I'm going to die and if the last thing I can do before I die or in my desk is get the law changed so that people don't have to go to the CDC to get this blood test or the medication then that's what needs to happen because I shouldn't have to be fighting with what little energy I have in my body to just get simple freaking help the CDC said it's diagnosed by either eggs in your stool or by seeing adult flukes well here's my adult flukes take a look

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Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, looking at the pictures, I definitely see liver flukes. I’m also going through a liver fluke infection and was also dismissed by my doctor. I’m a registered nurse and I presented a good case but she questioned my mental health. I’ve taken a naturopath approach and am using supplements and parasite cleansing over the full moon. I’m seeing good results but I believe this will be a long road.

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