Excruciating pain, swollen belly - shingles now for 6 weeks

Posted by galiciaseeker @galiciaseeker, Oct 22 1:18pm

I was diagnosed with shingles almost 6 weeks ago on my left torso starting at my belly button and wrapping around my back to my spine. Deep stabbing pain, abdominal swelling/pain. Was on an anti virus medication for 7 days – did not help as probably not caught early enough – misdiagnosed when I originally went to the ER. Dr started me on 300 mg Gabapentin 3 x day – no help. A week ago he increased the dosage to 500 mg 4 x day……still waiting – maybe my brain missed the message?
Has anyone else had shingles for this long and have you been taking Gabapentin?

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Keep telling Dr…u continue to feel unbearable pain….if u don't…
They think it's better.
Politics is keeping u and others away from pain meds ( loratabs)
That you need sooooo bad. They want a third world and they are getting it….

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