Diverticulitis w/C. Diff

Posted by fpats17 @fpats17, Wed, Mar 20 12:57pm

hello all and I am glad I found this site. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis in August. Spent 3 days in the hospital, w/micro perforation put on liquid diet and IV antibiotics. Cleared up.. fast forward to January 2019 CT scan reveals I had MILD diverticulitis but no pain this time and only slight change in bowel habits. Back on low fiber and treated with usual cipro and flagyl. Now here we are March and follow up ct scan says diverticulitis again, But between January and March got C Diff along the way and then e coli while in Mexico. I demanded to be put on a different antibiotic so they gave me Amox/Clav but second culture still says I had c diff. Now I cannot tell if this is c diff or div. Doctor ordered me Deficid for the c diff since the amox/clav should handle the div. I am sure hoping that this is just the c diff and the deficid will take care of it! But at my wits end.

Based on what i read and on this site and others I have spoken to, the diverticulitis seems to come back even after surgery. I am seeing a surgeon next week but am very reluctant to get a resection if it is not going really solve the problem. Also, has anyone else dealt with both c diff and div at the same time? This is completely nuts! any guidance or insight would be helpful since this is driving me insane. thank you all. fpats17

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