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What do i do?

Posted by @doyouhearme in Infectious Diseases, Sep 11, 2011

Im 24 the woman i love i been with tells me she has herpes . I been sleeping with her with a condom. So im stressing out i go tomorrow to get tested. If i have what do i do . If i dont i cant leave her so if anyone reads this please help me out with and feed back .

Tags: mens health, Infectious Disease


Posted by @doyouhearme, Sep 11, 2011

I been sleeping with her with out a condom


Posted by @dfpatrick, Sep 13, 2011

I pray that u don't have it ...The positive thing is that she did tell u and that you were using comdoms right?? If you r diagnosed with Herpes I do know that there is life after Herpes.


Posted by @willowtree, Oct 19, 2011

Relax! You're in love and that is wonderful! So you may get cold sores- 90% of the population does!! Unfortunately, STIs are stigmatized in our society, but whether you get cold sores on your lip or elsewhere, there is treatment. Herpes is only infectious at the time of break out, and there are some great meds that reduce your chances of getting and spreading.Just know neither you nor your partner is alone, and talk to your doctor about what this really means. 25% of the population is in your shoes, so you're not an outcast nor is your sex life over 😉

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