Posted by jodeej @jodeej, Aug 7, 2018

Hi all!
I've been MIA since my husband's transplant. I just wanted to let you know that things are going great! The one thing that is still a struggle is keeping him hydrated. This is so important to keep his kidneys healthy as the immunosuppressant meds can cause damage over time. He wasn't a big water drinker before so this transition is a challenge. Any ideas will be appreciated!

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Hi @jodeej Nice to hear from you again and nice to hear things are going well for you and your husband! GREAT news!

The only suggestion I have is that personally I feel like I am practically drowning if I have to drink a bottle of still water, but can drink carbonated water all day long. I have read the hydration is the same, but I am not positive on that. Plus there are now quite a few flavored ones, which still have no calories if that is an issue.

Again, great to hear all is going well!

Strength, courage, and peace to you both!


@IndianaScott they did mention carbonated water. I will look into some of those next time I but groceries.
Thank you,

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