Risk of reoccurrence for a subarachnoid hemorrhage 2 years post

Posted by dharv0958 @dharv0958, May 25, 2016

I still have headaches and direct sunlight can bring one on is this normal?

Welcome @dharv0958. What caused the subarachnoid hemorrhage that you had 2 years ago?

@irvkay312 @salena54 @sharonmay7 @oceanfun1 do you have any thoughts for DHarv?

Stay out of the sun or hot temperatures and keep as well rested and hydrated as possible. Also, a possible sleep study
may be able to point out sleep apnea or less Oxygen circulation during REM part of sleep. You might want to also see
a Pulmonologist.


I have no experience with hemorrhages. I have had two brain injuries and the second one has caused sensitivity to light. In my case direct sunlight to my eyes sets off severe migraines. I wear sun glasses all the time when I am outdoors.
Sorry I can not be of more help.

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