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Post concussion syndrome

Posted by @shannonh, Jul 13, 2011

looking for help/advice… Son senior in high school wants to play football after multiple concussions and months of symptoms. Now symptom free and rebellious about playing again. Has anyone had to live through this situation and what decision did your family make?



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Posted by @friend1, Aug 13, 2011

Gosh, I would be very wary of inviting more trauma. A subsequent concussion is more dangerous that the first, to the best of my knowledge. Symptoms can last for years and be very hard to sort out. Of course you should ask a professional… but I would be very cautious. (I have had a concussion.) In the long run, this boy’s health is more important than football.


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Posted by @karenerickson, Nov 18, 2011

I was in a coma years ago. I have hit my head and/or whiplash since then. Each time I had an incident, my head trauma was affected more. I definately would check with a professional and get his approval before I would ask for more accidents.


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Posted by @mmj, Nov 17, 2011

Just joined & saw this. Please read my post 11/17/11 under concussion & under Chiari

Jodie P

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Posted by @jodiep, Apr 25, 2012

I would say NO. My daughter’s recovering from a concussion that she received at work. They’re not taking it very seriously. I told them…Look, it’s not like a cut you can bandage, an arm you can sling or back you can brace. It’s her brain! Her ability to use her brain! I know it’s hard when they want to do something but we have to show them (force them mostly) to look at the BIG picture, not just what they want NOW. To me it doesn’t seem worth the risk.

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