Palpitations & Emphysema

Posted by Larry @crashnam, Sep 25, 2017

67 years old. Diagnosed with emphysema a few years back, but have no real problems with it. Also have inconsistent AFIB and PVC’s along with it for the last three years. Lately been having some throbbing palps in chest and stomach area with mild exertion. Anyone relate this to the heart, lungs or both?

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@crashnam Larry, yes. Both, and a whole lot more. I was diagnosed with AFIB about 60 years ago, PVCs about ten years later, with AV! about 10 years ago. I have been the route with my heart and lungs, and all my other organs as well. 2 CABG, 30 heart caths, 24 stents in the heart and a couple in nearby arteries. My heart and lung walls and tissues have been invaded by amyloid fibrils, lung nodules all over the place, same in kidneys, colon, liver, spleen. Thyroid gone because of cancer, Prostate and urethra cancer, Cystatin-C Amyloidosis, stomach cancer, esophageal pre-cancer, larynx and brain protein deposits. My eyesight is going, and I have petechiae all over my body. My psoriatic and rheumatoid and orthopedic arthritises are getting out of control. Right now my PN is so bad I cannot walk without aids. But Trump says I am healthy enough to work. Had about 15 verified concussions before age 30 from working and playing, so my brain is probably going. At this point, (77) I just try to make it a point to stay alive. So you can do at least as much. Fight for life. Fight for every breath, every pink flower, ever child’s touch, every kiss. And fight for justice and freedom. Sorry to rant and rave, but I just need to yell a little.


Sounds like I’m pretty fortunate compared to the problems you have had and are still having. My AFIB actually began about four years ago. But PVC’s have been around for 40 years. PVCs got worse as AFIB became more frequent. However, since April, my instances of AFIB have been farther in between. Four twenty day periods without, and two 30 day periods without. PVCs have always bothered me much more, especially now that they have increased and become more erratic. I’m still a smoker (nerves, Vietnam), and drink black coffee. Don’t have the will to try a few days without either to see if it will make a difference. I have had many days the last few years that I just can’t motivate myself due to the problems, but as I’m sure you know, I still pretty much do what I want regardless. Many people (thousands of testimonials I’ve read), seem to crawl up in a ball and stay there. Many are young with young families, important jobs, etc. So, I never feel alone. Always someone (unfortunately), worse off.

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