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non-epileptic seizures

Posted by @preopnurhotmailcom in Brain & Nervous System, Feb 8, 2013

is anyone familiar with non-epileptic seizures with symptoms such as anxiety, GI complaints, tingling feeling in arms and legs ? Symptoms have no pattern and come on without warning.


Posted by @bldavis25, Feb 8, 2013

diagnosis is probably conversion disorder..i was diagnosised 7 months ago with same symptoms but more to come


Posted by @preopnurhotmailcom, Feb 9, 2013

my husband has had this for several years, spending thousands seeing doctors, having tests and was diagnosed by a GI specialist who is referring him to a neurologist. Hoping finally we are on the right track and can get medication to control it.


Posted by @mainelady, Feb 12, 2013

The symptoms are like mine but no real sensations in the legs. I (and drs.) think I am having anxiety attacks and am treating them as such. The only that helps is xanax but I don't want to take it. Can you tell me more? Does your heart race?


Posted by @preopnurhotmailcom, Feb 14, 2013

no, no racing heart but seems complex because its so unpredictable , he described it as a "poison" feeling.


Posted by @mainelady, Feb 14, 2013

I have to lay down in bed and have no appetite. His description is accurate - poison. It is such a sick feeling. I googled conversion disorder and found it quite interesting. The sensation on my arms and back feel like sparks of fire landing on my skin. I hope your husband feels better soon. Please keep me posted on his diagnosis from the neurologist. All the best to you both!


Posted by @nicncakes, Feb 22, 2013

Sounds like celiac disease which an autoimmune dissorder but hard to diagnose or get doctors to diagnose. My sister has it but symptoms started years ago when doctors didnt know much about it. She was finally diagnosed and has had it under control for 5 years. Dont know but the symptoms you mentioned are part of it. I attached a link.


Posted by @maxcold, May 20, 2013

All my issues started last year on the way to work. Blacked out while driving thought I was having a heart attack or seizure! ER said everything was fine. Seen local doc had all kinds of blood work, stool samples whatever else done. Then had to see a neuro doc all that came back ok then a few mo later it went away. They said it might have been vertigo or inner ear infection. Well this yr it's back now seeing a heart doc & have numbness in left leg and right arm. I'm a walking ? mark.

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