Myocardial Bridging

Posted by raweber @raweber, Apr 5, 2018

Has anyone been treated for myocardial bridging at Mayo in Rochester?

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Hello @raweber, and welcome to Connect,

My search for myocardial bridging brought up this past discussion, in which @melissacrn wrote about her brother in law. I sincerely hope she will return to join us here.

@raweber, may I ask if you would share a bit more? Have you been diagnosed with myocardial bridging? What are the symptoms associated within condition?


Yes, I was diagnosed with myocardial bridging 11/01/17 as a result of a heart cath. Initial symptoms included chest tightness/ache, tingling in arms, shortness of breath, general fatigue and lack of energy. Went to family doctor after not being able to give blood due to my hemoglobin being too low. I have extensive family history of heart disease (mother passed away of heart attack). She initially did an EKG which was abnormal so she sent me to a cardiologist. Cardiologist did a nuclear stress test and echo which came back inconclusive. Then I had a cat scan which showed a blockage. 11/01/17 I went in for a cath thinking I would end up with a stent. Dr. did not place a stent (felt the blockage was not high enough) but told me I had myocardial bridging and he would treat medically. Since this time I have been on medication and attended cardiac rehab. I am still experiencing the same symptoms (some decrease with medication) so I am coming to Mayo April 16 for a consult.


I was, I had a 5 cm myocardial bridge which was unroofed on 12/4/14. My story is too long to post here but MB is a very serious condition and the care I received at the Mayo Clinic by Dr. Lerman was excellent. I am currently working with the team at Stanford as I live in the San Francisco area. If you have any questions I would be happy to talk to you or anyone else. I had a very significant bridge and while the surgery has not completely corrected the endothelial dysfunction the bridge caused it has made a huge improvement in my life. I am back to competitive Ironman competition.


Hi @kylewatson,

Thank you so much for joining Connect. If you are able to share more, I'm certain that others would appreciate reading and learning from your insights. May I ask how long was your recovery after surgery? The fact that you are training for competitive Ironman is just incredible! Wish you all the best.

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