Unknown, undiagnosed medical condition

Posted by melissacrn @melissacrn, Jul 8, 2011

Looking for any advice…brother in law is 42 good general health, 3-4 years ago constant pressure headaches, then glucose begin to just bottom out (tested-not diabetic or hypoglycemic), blood tests reveal increased liver enzymes, told to stay away from tylenol for headaches. 8 months ago blood pressure fluctations, tachycardia, feeling like he can not breath, chest pain with squeezing, glucose dropping given glucose tablets glucose often drops again within 30-45 minutes, blood has became so viscous at times unable to draw for testing. Cardiac cath revealed small myocardial bridge, negative VQ scan, negative for pheochromocytoma, negative hemochromatosis, hematologists states all blood work normal, DNA JAK normal, catechelmines normal, 5HIAA normal…..anyone have any ideas. Respiratory Dr thinks it is all caused by the myocardial bridge.

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also had gallbladder removed and small neurofibroma next to umbilicus that tested positive for s100 and cd34.


Hi! While I hope you have learned something already, I thought I’d post quickly a thought to look up and consider. I too am having similar headaches to a point near a migraine level, I also have many other seemingly unrelated symptoms. Nausea, blurred vision, growth in feet, hands swollen, change in menses, sleep problems, etc. I came here to Mayo because recently a tumor was found on my Pituitary (macroadenoma) which caused excess growth hormone causing a rare disease called Acromegaly. The glucose, pressure headaches, chest pain all are symptoms of a possible Pituitary tumor. Has he had an MRI or CT scan? Just a thought!

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