My 7 year old has EBV and TB

Posted by momnxtdr @momnxtdr, Jan 31, 2019

I just got a call from the ID doctor that my son on top of EBV, tested positive for Tuberculosis. He’s 7, never left the country , and was healthy until 8 weeks ago when he started sleeping 16-20 hours a day. The doctor needs us to take him in for more tests and to discuss treatment. He will continue in Homebound from school.

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Home schooling is a great help for your dear Son. My Son was homeschooled also! I am so sorry your precious Son is so ill. The EBV surely weakened his system. Can he take with your Doctors Approval a Multivitamin that would help his system get stonger. Do you happen to live anywhere near California!
Or where the Caravans of people are coming unto the US? Or it might be there is a TB outbreak close by you! May I please offer you a prayer.
Pray that your Son , will be healed Swiftly by the great Physicians hand and knowledge.


My 7 year old son has been active for 4 months. I just got a call from the immunologist office that his quantitative EBV Titer is less than 200 so he should be feeling better soon. Can someone explain what that means? He's still sleeping 15 hours a day. He's homebound from school and his D3 is low even though he's taking 4000 ibu a day. Thank you in advance!

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