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Posted by mike2053 @mike2053, Apr 4, 2012

my mom was a fairly healthy 70 year old lady who had three anueryms. She got through it and was sent to a nursing home for rehab. Well the doctor there doesn't care and really wants her to just sit in her bed until she dies. But a relative of hers died and her inheritance was put into a trust fund for her. My oldest brother has power of attorney and wants her kept there. Are there say stem cell treatments that can help her emphazema? or give her back some of her mobility? Her mind seems most of the way recovered but she was a heavy smoker. So she has some lung issues. Any advice woudl be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know where you live, but in Canada the person who has power of attorney is in charge of money and legal issues only. That person may not necessarily be the one who makes health care decisions. The person in care (your Mom) may or may not have given someone authority to make her health care decisions....if she didn't, then she is in charge of her own care and can make her own decisions about whether or not she stays in the nursing home, unless she is proven not cognitively able, and that's another legal process.
She could move to an assisted living facility, perhaps, if her mobility improves. There she would be more independent, have meals and some housekeeping provided, probably hire a caregiver for morning and/or evening care assistance, and have the freedom to come and go as she wishes. If she didn't need this kind of help, she could work with a rehab team to plan for discharge to her own home. This is how it works in Canada and I'm sure it's similar in the US.
Emphysema is not reversible but there are medications which can help with the symptoms, as well as low flow oxygen, and some physiotherapy as well as a regular walking program may improve her mobility and allow her greater independence, which should happen whether or not she stays in the nursing home.
Hope this helps. I wish your Mom all the best; healing and her independence.


Hi Speaking generally and from my knowledge of working aged care. If your mother is of sound mind she can overide the decision of your brother even in he has Power of Attorney. The reason for this is that she can still speak for herself. The only time that this doesn't work is if the person can't make decisions on their own eg. in the case of someone with final stage dementia you would see this situation occur. Then the power of attorney can overide the persons wiishes. In Australia we have a Guardship board that in the case of your brother could assist you, something similar must be in the States. Hope this has helped. Let me know how things go. Here if I can help in anyway Piglit

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