morning shakes internal right hand and armish fades in a hour

Posted by jalco7436 @jalco7436, May 20 6:51am

i just wake up to my right hand internal vibration for about a hour or less only in morning, then it passes i went to my neurologist. he didnt know. i had a mid cases of transverse myelitis 20 years ago but the symptoms never changed since my first bout 20 or more years. i gad general anxiety take xanax .5 3x a day 25 years. helps little, tinnitus 20 years but used to that… this new wakening in the morning scares me. i went to endchronologist but nothing? physciatrist anxiety not sure? neurologist thinks combo of old transverse myelitis and anxiety. not really sure but doesnt think its very serious like ms, pd, or als… my strengh is ok … anyone have ideas?

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Hello @jalco7436 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can understand that this would be concerning for you. I have a few questions to better understand your situation and so that I may connect you to other members.

Do you happen to work with vibrating tools in your line of work or as part of a hobby? Also, is this sensation exclusive to when you wake up in the morning? Do you have good overall circulation or do you have any circulatory issues?


I used to work with vibrating tool but not for years. I thought of that too. A also had a single spine lesion c4 20 years ago tmyelitis but I been stable many years weak right leg and weak right arm hand but I walk un assisted any my arm strength ok. Wierd stuff now, I asked my neurologist 2x Parkinsons he said no. We did another ct spine was unchanged nothing new from 20 years ago. Only when I wake up for about a hour worst. I went to hormone doc he said prob nothing. I had the antibody hashimotos with out tsh ever being off 30 years. It's really NOT a tremor or twitch more like over stimulation of my right hand arm and a little right back it fades every day 3 months after about a hour I take a crumb of xanax 2 multi vites a banana piece a bread its made me anxious and twitchy here and there. Been able to text fine even during the event. It has raised my anxiety higher I been taking xanax to relax and try to go out every day staying a little active. Bit I can't figure it out I had done various vitamin tests I thought maybe it was cortisol or melatonin? I had tinnitus fir many years but I stopped caring about. Thanks.

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