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I want to talk to people who have actually been hypnotized.

Posted by @mrmanfam in Mental Health, Oct 14, 2012

I don't know anyone who has been hypnotized and I am thinking of undergoing it to overcome my anesthesia phobia. I would like to talk to people who have actually been hypnotized so I can ask them about their experiences. Since my concern with anesthesia involves loss of control, being put in a trance and not being under control scares me the same way. I also hear one can find themself in a "bad place"? How can I reach these people to talk to them? Thanks.

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Posted by @lain59, Oct 14, 2012

I cannot be hypnotized but I can put myself into a trance and hypnotize others.


Posted by @mrmanfam, Oct 14, 2012

What is the sensation of going into a trance? What will I experience?


Posted by @lain59, Oct 14, 2012

What it really is is to focus on one thing, a flickering flame, intensely until your sense of self vanishes. Meditation, after practice, gives one the same feeling. One loses one's identity and body. It is not safe. There is a strong back lash of depression upon returning to a heavy body and the inner pain.
Meditation brought me to a place of pure light and weightlessness so it it was bliss. I understood all. Life is wonderful, it is joyous. All else is illusion. But I came back to a hard world of illusion in which I hav e a part to play.

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Posted by @bettyann, Oct 15, 2012

Hi! Don't let any old movies influence you when it comes to hypnosis! 🙂 I 've had this done and the trick is: you have to TRUST the process or it will not do any good. Not everyone can be hypnotized. It takes trust and a strong focus and attention. Just upfrtont talk with whoever does the hypnotizing and talk over the situation. Good luck!

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