Health Insurance Premiums for Private Payers (Like caregivers.)

Posted by macbeth @macbeth, Oct 2, 2016

May I ask what you all are doing for individual health coverage while you are caring for your loved one? Insurers in MN, where we live, are now readying to hike premiums from 37% to 67% for 2017, after similar, substantial hikes last year! Health insurance premiums are already exorbitant, and, rather than raising premiums a little bit on everyone, they are really hitting on private payers. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I only go to the dr. once a year, for a general check-up, but I can’t just drop insurance and risk losing everything. HELP!!!

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Hi @macbeth. Sorry I didn’t see this post and am late to acknowledge it. Important issue!

It isn’t only Minnesota where the rates are going up and at least here in Indiana also not just on individual policy owners. There is no incentive for insurance companies to reign in their increases and while many purport to be nonprofits, they pay obscene salaries and have phenomenal levels of ‘retained earnings’.

I did without a hell of a lot in order to pay our premiums for our insurance. Went with a very high deductible, catastrophic policy just in case.

I just entered the land of Medicare on Oct 1 so the issue is now moot with me, but perhaps others have good suggestions!

Peace and strength,

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