Digestive problems

Posted by alanm @alanm, Apr 12, 2018

I would like to know if any other care takers have experienced this problem? For the last couple of months my wife who is going on 16 years from original AZ diagnosis ha been experiencing a loose bowel in the morning. Sometimes can not get to the bathroom fast enough. Memory clinic says not a known relationship to AZ. Tests run by Primary care are negative for any disorder. I have been able to control symptoms with 1/2 tablet of imodium daily. PCP has OKed this. Memory clinic says need to find root cause. If anyone has had this experience, I am open to suggestions. I have tried many dietary changes. Doesn't seem to be related to diet. Thanks in advance Alan

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Hello @alanm I am sorry to read of your wife's digestive troubles. During the course of my wife's illness her bowels and digestive tract continually were in a state of flux. While very regular for many of her early years while ill, that changed without warning. While I understand each patient and their situation is unique, I know in my wife's case the doctors could never figure out a cause beyond thinking it could have been simply her body adjusting to her many mediations and/or becoming intolerant of some of them all of a sudden, even after years of use.

The only option we could manage was to move to adult diapers. It was a challenging adjustment, but one, which in the long run, had many benefits and we kept in use for several years.

The other thing our family saw happen with my wife was her taste in foods would also change dramatically. It was like she had a new set of on/off switches, which flipped from liking something to not being willing to eat, or even smell, them at all. I always wondered if this was related to changes in her body along with her mind, but we'll never know the answer to that one.

Is this a consistent issue or does it appear, disappear, and then reappear?

Strength, courage, and peace!


Scott, Thanks for your response. what you describe is in all ways what is happening with my wife. I hope to avoid diapers as long as possible. We have an appointment with the memory doctor next month. I'll discuss it with them again. In the mean time, I will use imodium as long as it is effective.

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