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Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, PTSD

Posted by @lakeman77 in Mental Health, Dec 11, 2011

Is there anybody that sufferes from severe Panic Disorder. I suffer these while driving, flying, and sitting in a crowd(like at a movie theater).

I think most of this is from PTSD where I almost overdosed on a drug and am now afraid to die and feel that my mind is all messed up.

Any thoughts on recovery and getting through this terror?

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Posted by @roxie43, Dec 12, 2011

Thanks for sharing. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective form of therapy as well as anti-anxiety medications. Support groups like NA can also be helpful if you can handle being in a group. I suggest finding a therapist in your area so you can begin to heal and work on your fears.
Take Care,


Posted by @lakeman77, Dec 13, 2011

I have done counseling and support groups. They have helped some, but haven't taken the attacks away. Maybe I just need to stick with it more.


Posted by @roxie43, Dec 13, 2011

I know how scary panic attacks can be. One literally feels like ones throat closes and breathing becomes so difficult. Even eating was difficult for me once. Anti-anxiety medications are addicting but they help. Another medication used for anxiety is a beta-blocker because it slows down a racing heart. I'm not a doctor so I would suggest talking to your precriber. I just know of a couple of people who were able to get off benzo's once they started using beta-blockers. I know the attacks are very scary but remember, that i know of, no one has died from a panic attack even though the impending doom is so real.
God Bless & try to enjoy the holiday season


Posted by @roxie43, Dec 13, 2011

I don't do highways at all....CBT is good for this type of phobia because the doctor walks you through the experience. It takes time I'll admit.

Posted by Anonymous-592d48e0, Feb 20, 2012

Hi, never did this before but have major anxiety issues, and added to that is for some reason, I cannot get over bridges, odd feeling my hands want to come off the steering wheel and can't.hold on tight enough and major nausea. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you.


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 12, 2011

Anti-anxiety drugs can help but some are addicting.
Anti- depressants are also helpful.

Self talk, hypnosis can do wonders.

Self talk involves telling yourself as many times as needed that you ARE ok, and the panic/symptoms will subside. Along with slow deep breathing exersizes.
Self talk can take some time before you notice the effects, but it does help.

Things to say for self talk:
" these symptoms I'm experiencing are not going to hurt me, I will be ok"
" breath, and relax "
" I'm only having a panic attack, and these feelings are only temporary "

* repeat the phrases over and over inside your mind until you begin to relax.

Most panic attacks peak after 10 min or so, than begin to disappear.

Keep yourself busy when having one, keep your mind off the panic and symptoms, focusing on the panic can make the symptoms worse.

Good luck

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Posted by @lakeman77, Dec 13, 2011

My panic attacks are horrible, but after about 10 minutes they do seem to let up. I have tried self-talk, but sometimes I'm scared of my own voice when having an attack.

I think movement does help, but when I feel trapped, like in a car or plane, I'm still panicky. Trying to be busy does seem to help.

Anti-anxiety drugs have helped some, but doesn't take the attack away.

Thank you.


Posted by @liquidmind, Dec 20, 2011

Lakeman, I have suffered from severe panic disorder for over 10 years. When it first hit me I actually thought I was going to die, or pass out in the mall or supermarket and make a fool out of my self. My body had jolts of tingles from my head to my feet, my chest felt tight, my head became numb, and I developed a fear of leaving my house. Well after I convinced my doctor that the situation was so bad that I couldn't even drive to work, he diagnosed Panic Disorder and gave me a hand full of prescriptions, which included Prozac, a Beta blocker called Inderal, and a couple of others. Xanax is a huge help when nothing else is working. He told me to buy the book called Don't Panic. I did, and I read it, and found out that panic disorder is very common, and as Roxie said, No one has ever died from panic disorder. The first step is to have all of the blood work done, and the other things to rule out anything physical. After that is done and you come back clean, the rest is up to you, and your medications. And most of not expect ANYONE to be able to relate to what you are experiencing unless they have had the same problem. It's a horrible experience that I have to fight off with self-talk, and medicine. You will live, but you must fight it all the time. Good luck, and welcome to the club.


Posted by @liquidmind, Dec 20, 2011

Amberjune, that is excellent advise. You have to convince yourself that you are not about to die, you are just having a Panic Attack. Your symptoms are definitely real, but are generated in your mind. You mind controls the rest of your body, and for some reason some peoples minds like to play tricks on the body, like a sudden burst of adrenaline that causes the heart to race, the tingles, and the chest tightness. The Inderal will control most of that thank God. Good luck. You will live through it all, it's just another chapter in your life.


Posted by @bettyann, Apr 22, 2012

Amberjune, great advice!! -- The Brain and Hemi Sync tapes/CD's are great, IMo.


Posted by @mikewb24, Dec 12, 2011

i've bin there arrive at a traffic light on stop and feel trapped and get stressed cos your not moving.You have to wait in a queue at the shops and start to think your going to fall over and collapse and the few minutes wait is like an eternity.Setting off in a plane 'WoW' its hell cos your not in control.Travelling on a train feeling out of control and want to get off all the time having to grit your stomach to keep control.Learning I wasn't the only one was my first step to recovery.I call it the silent illness because if your friends and family don't understand you tend to keep quiet about it and become silent.Look into 'Reike' .lakeman. It worked for me.


Posted by @lakeman77, Dec 13, 2011

That does sound like me. How have you dealt with it? Also, what is 'Reike"?

Posted by Anonymous-fbd18fde, Dec 13, 2011

hi lakeman.My mistake 'reiki' . apologies. Having suffered the symptoms for 15 or so years in the 80's 90's when I couldn't get advice or help because doctors didn't want to know and most peoples reaction was that I should pull myself together and get on with it I just accepted it and lived with it.I went into myself and just carried on.It was hell.I carried on working and needed immense determination and character to get through every day and treated every day as a fresh start.

'Reiki'. While living in Scotland in the mid 90's I met a person who recommended it to me and because everything else I tried failed I gave it a go.Its a hands on treatment to transfer universal energy into your body through the body of the healer.It takes about an hour.During the session I felt all sorts of sensations but most of all total relaxation (for the first time in 20 years).There are so many people that practise reiki now I am sure you will be able to find one.I personally believe its a loving healing energy from god.I decided to take a couple of weekend courses and learn reiki 1 and 2 myself.The master who taught me was a buddhist so its up to each person to make up their own mind as to where it comes from.Since that time I have treated myself every night before going to sleep and never looked back.So please give it a go lakeman and hopefully it will work for you.

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Posted by @bettyann, Apr 22, 2012

Hi Anonymous,
Just wanted to drop a note and say I totally appreciate your post and your feelings about reiki! Thank you for expressing it all so well!! From Betty


Posted by @roxie43, Apr 22, 2012

How are you? I hope you're feeling a little better.


Posted by @bettyann, Apr 22, 2012

Hi Roxie!! :)
Yup...a bit on the 'anxious' side today...but physically feeling ducky dandy! I hope you are too!! Sending you a hug!


Posted by @liquidmind, Dec 20, 2011

Lakeman, before you spend a lot of money on things like reiki, get the meds for immediate control, and go to your library, or buy the book called Don't Panic. It has helped so many people understand that your issues unfortunately are so very common.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 13, 2011

i find saying; time will not stop, why are you in a rush. relax by completely dropping your shoulders and go into the experience of feeling the tension leaving the area.


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 14, 2011

Well , there really isn't much else you can do other than what is mentioned here.....
You need to continue each approach and not quit... Some take time to be beneficial, and keep in mind these " therapies" are to reduce your anxiety and panic.
It won't get rid of it completely. There is no miracle drug, or treatment.

Having panic attacks and anxiety is just something you have to learn to live with and find the BEST coping techniques that HELP you.

I've had panic disorder for 16 years now.
Meds HELP, but don't "cure" it.
Therapy HELPS , but doesn't eliminate it.
Self talk HELPS with the panic intensity, but doesn't STOP the panic......

Nothing will completely cure your anxiety.
But your continued EFFORT to cope with it, will HELP you manage it.

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Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 16, 2011

that impending feeling that someone is behind you and telling you to hurry up, i do believe is the root cause. it's about taking your life back from this imaginery person which is really the voice of teachers, bosses, parents, telling you to tow the line. you have to replace it with 'i will do what i want when i want. of course, this is easy if you have your own business but even then, the customers become the voice.


Posted by @irmahall, Dec 18, 2011

These attack come on you when you are s tressed and when you are relatively calm. Your blood pressure rises and your heart races and you think you will die, but in about 30 - 40 minutes you are "normal" again. Been going through this for years and it is scary but haven't really found much that helps but a little time.People tell you to relax but that is something that will happen as the attack goes away=a little hard to turn off and on!!! IRMA HALL

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Posted by @marsh, Dec 18, 2011

Hi Irma! I am very sorry to hear you too suffer from this condition! Are you seeing a doctor? There are some great meds that have really helped to lessen the severity of the attacks, for me. Therapy has given me the skills to understand why and gain a little control. There is help out there! Please try it!


Posted by @rachomin, Apr 22, 2012

I have these same attacts but only they lost longer,i feel like i will die now in that moment and i start to stress myself more thinking what will happen to my kids cause they are the only people i have and they are so small


Posted by @piglit, Apr 22, 2012

Hi rachomin I know how scary thesepanic attacks are too. I have had a panic anxiety disorder from a very young age. It may sound funny but when you panic try not to let the panic engulf you. Try slow deep breathing it helps me immensley and also open spaces going for a walk helps me too. Unfortunaelty I can;t take medication as I.m on comaudin a blood thiiner and it interacts, but I know that they are medications that may be able to help. Maybe have a good talk with your dr. Take care Piglti


Posted by @misskittie, May 14, 2012

I also have awful panic attacks.I found a program called Panic Away that helps me.It's on the internet

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