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Originally designed and displayed as a mobile mural at the Mayo Clinic Health System site in Eau Claire, Wisconsin –as well as on webpage hosted by the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Foundation— Healing Reflections is an art collection that will now find a new home on the Post-COVID Recovery Blog.

Healing Reflections is a collection of stories & experiences from staff within the Mayo Clinic Health System, as well as community members, that was compiled throughout 2020 & 2021.

Pairing volunteer artists with stories that they connected with, each piece from the collection includes a story from a Mayo employee and/or community member as well as a piece of art inspired by the story teller’s experiences. Themes touched-on within the collection include healing, resilience, inclusion, diversity, hope, and economic hardship throughout and beyond the COVID pandemic.

The goal of this project is to not only represent a historic time, but to allow healing by gaining insight and understanding into another’s experiences. At its core Healing Reflections has been curated to foster healing through connection with other people. By representing the stories and reflections of not only our healthcare workers but community members as well, Healing Reflections aims to connect the storytellers, the artists, and the viewing audience as one community.

Each of us has played a role in the collective cultural experience that continues to define the COVID pandemic. Though our experiences may vary greatly, it can be said that over the past two years we have all been isolated. As a result, we’ve all had to learn how to be resilient in the face of the unknown. Healing Reflection aims to celebrate that resilience and rebuild solidarity among our communities through creativity. Ultimately, this collection is trying to not only tell the stories of its contributors but the story of humanity.

As the COVID pandemic continues to keep us isolated, it is our connections with our friends, family, and community members that keep us hopeful. Though we may not be able to gather in a physical space, we can connect with the others by sharing our experiences and creating something together.

Especially for those suffering from the unknowns of Post-COVID Syndrome, maintaining connections with loved ones and other people is more important than ever. It is the hope of this blog that sharing the art and stories from Healing Reflections will provide the patients who frequent it with a sense of togetherness and hope.

To find a specific piece from Healing Reflections follow the link(s) listed below:

"Reflections of Hope" - Story & Art by: Anna Meier

"Therapy During Covid"- Story by: Brittany Homer, MSSG ; Art by: Mary Elworthy 

"The Fight" - Story by: the Bloomer Radiology Team ; Art by: Miranda Steinmetz Robey

  "Climbing Back" - Story & Art by: Karen Bejin 

  "Light at the End of the Tunnel" - Story by: Sue Bauer ; Art by: Amelia Anderson 


  "Always Connected" - Story & Art by: June Hootman  

"Memories of Music" - Story by: Kobi Shaw ; Art by: Ethan Eberhardt 

"Vaccination Release" - Story by: Blythe Rinaldi ; Art by: Suzanne Vergin 

"Wash Day" - Story by: Beth Gundlach, P.T.A. ; Art by: Kathleen Mason

"Giving Hearts Heal" Story & Art by: Healing Fibers Group

  "The Healing Ingredient" - Story by: Jim Alf ; Art by: Marilyn Lynch 

  "Let Love Heal"- Story by: Rick Helmer, M.D. ; Art by: Alicia Jungwirth 

"Apart and Together" - Story by: Jamie Vue ; Art by: Christine Evans

 "When only a song can speak" Story by: Angela Huginan ; Art by: Ruth Lundblad 

 "Together We Are One" Story by: Richard and Lori Arndt ; Art by: Nan Wright

  "AMERICAN Asian, Not Germ Warfare" - Story by: Jenny Lau, O.D. ; Art by: Nancy Erickson Dutmer

"Reflection of 2020" - Story by: Sue Cullinan, M.D. ; Art by: Claire Dronen 

  "We The People"- Story & Art by: Michelle Basman 

 "Finding the Path To Calm" - Story by: Joseph Wildenberg, M.D., Ph.D. ; Art by: Karen Bejin 

  "Charlie"Story by: Kaejan Pederson ; "Inga, Julian, and Mama" - Art by: Andrea Worthy

Meria Smit and Celeana Gibbs

Story by: Celeana Gibbs, R.N.
Mayo Clinic Health System




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