Welcome to the Post-COVID Recovery blog. Most people fully recover from COVID-19 in 3 weeks. Some people continue to have symptoms much longer. These symptoms are varied and continue for varying lengths of time. The most common symptoms are fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, and a loss of smell and taste. Follow the Post-COVID Recovery expert blog for the latest developments, research trials, resources, and information about the coronavirus, long-term effects, and recovery.

What we think we know: Upcoming Research

Post COVID symptoms are similar to those that have been seen after other viral infections. It is likely that these symptoms are driven by immune system changes  following the COVID infection. Like other post-viral syndromes, most people get better on their own.  However, some people may have chronic fatigue and other ongoing symptoms. Why this happens is being studied. With better understanding of how this illness progresses, we hope to learn how prevent symptoms and develop better treatment options.

Mayo Clinic researchers are conducting clinical trials to learn more about coronavirus, including post-COVID recovery.

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Mayo Clinic Post-COVID-19 Syndrome Research

Shouman, K., Vanichkachorn, G., Cheshire, W.P. et al. Autonomic dysfunction following COVID-19 infection: an early experience. Clin Auton Res (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10286-021-00803-8 Read the Patient Summary.

Vanichkachorn G, Newcomb R, Cowl CT, Murad MH, Breeher L, Miller S,
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Multidisciplinary Clinic at the Mayo Clinic and Characteristics of the Initial Patient Cohort, Mayo Clinic
Proceedings (2021), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mayocp.2021.04.024. Watch the Media Coverage.

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We understand that post-COVID symptoms are incredibly frustrating and can impact your health, employment status, and overall quality of life. Mayo Clinic is committed to providing you with high-quality care and helping you find the answers you seek.

The best way to connect with the post-COVID-19 team at Mayo Clinic is to schedule an appointment through our Patient Appointment Office. The information provided there will help us assess the best next steps to address your individual care needs.

At this time, the post-COVID studies are only recruiting participants that are being seen at Mayo Clinic post-COVID clinics. If you are a patient being seen in Mayo Clinic's post-COVID clinics and would like to participate in research, please email postCovidRSCH@mayo.edu

Learn more about the most recent developments with post-COVID syndrome by following the Newsfeed and discuss your experience in the Post-COVID Recovery discussion group.