Healing Reflections: "Let Love Heal" by Rick Helmers, M.D.

Jan 17, 2021 | Hannah Schlotthauer, Administrative Assistant | @schlohan

"Let Love Heal"
Story by: Rick Helmers, M.D. | Mayo Clinic Health System

Reflecting on the last year, I continue to be in awe of, and inspired by, our entire staff in Northwest Wisconsin. There has never been a time for any of us to be more proud to be in this region as this last year.  Our five hospitals worked as one.  Throughout the pandemic, the staff selflessness, creativity, and resiliency were apparent every day; there was no challenge our staff could not meet.  The needs of the patient always came first-- even when there was significant personal risk to providers and all staff.  The self-sacrifice and generosity everyone demonstrated even during the most difficult times of the pandemic were simply inspiring.  The staff also responded so well to the national media exposure and the added stress associated with that.  When the Washington Post reporter spent three days here during the greatest part of the surge, he remarked how calm the atmosphere was throughout his visit; an incredible tribute to the planning and dedication of everyone in the region.  To paraphrase Churchill---this last year “was our finest hour.”


Art by: Alicia Jungwirth  | Durand, WI

I am a self-taught artist from AZ now living in rural WI. I use watercolors, inks, pencils, pens & Procreate to create my work. I got back into creating a few years ago during this 2nd phase of my life & it is my passion & purpose. I am very inspired by Mexican folk art these days as well as pop culture & the 1920s. This piece for the mural project is inspired by learning about Mexican folk art. I used more muted colors to create a calm healing feel with Procreate, which is a digital art medium. The hand indicates healing. The eyes indicate the truth. The heart indicates emotion. The 5 flowers represent the 5 different hospitals working together to heal & care for it's patients during this unprecedented time.


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