Healing Reflections: "Together" by Jason Beckermann, M.D.

Feb 6, 2021 | Hannah Schlotthauer, Administrative Assistant | @schlohan

Story by: Jason Beckermann, M.D. | Mayo Clinic Health System 

Over the past year I have never been more proud to work for Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire.

It has been amazing to see the way that staff at every level have stepped up to support each other and our patients.  In a few instances when people became ill with COVID it was incredible to see how quickly everyone stepped up to help out.  Not just by covering extra call but by delivering groceries to their homes.

When people were asked to move away from their normal job and support patient care needs through the labor pool, they stepped up without complaints.

When we knew that patients needed surgical care and we could not provide a COVID safe environment in the main hospital, innovation reached its peak.  In a matter of weeks after seeing the need—administration, physicians, nursing, pharmacy, facilities, housekeeping, and anesthesia stepped up to create a COVID mitigated hospital.  People participated in meetings and phone calls every weekend and many evenings. Given the logistics and creativity required, it is amazing that this was accomplished for our patients.

What impressed me the most was how the team stepped up to support each other during tough times.  When COVID was at its peak and patients were dying every day, it was a huge emotional struggle for members of our team.  While there is no way to completely alleviate the pain of having patients pass away, I was amazed by the way the team supported one another through the darkest hours.

While we are not completely through this yet, the last year has shown me how resilient our team is and willing to step up to support each other and patients even in the toughest times.


Art by: Jackie Sanchez

Who am I? I am lover of lifer. I am the moments and adventures that have built my life. I am a traveler and the mother of three inspiring and sometimes challenging souls. I am an artist.

My name is Jackie Sanchez. I was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in the wonderful but chaotic city of Tijuana Baja California, Mexico. I got my degree in Architecture. A field that I practiced for several years until life led me to live in this quiet town called Eau Claire. As an architect I was always surrounded by art and designs, although from another perspective. Now, rather than creating spaces, I focus on filling spaces creatively.

Besides creating art and promoting it. I am pursuing a degree in Art Education. And why not? I also like to write, freeing both my imagination and my pen.

I fervently believe that age or other conditions should not keep us from achieving the goals we have set, especially when these goals make us feel creatively full and constantly inspired.

The purpose of my artwork is to transmit inspiration through vibrant colors and vivid patterns, I like to play with the emotion that I can convey through textures, tone, and elements that represent love and happiness. Each piece is completely hand-painted with several layers of texture on canvas.
I find my inspiration in life, moments, situations, trips, cultures, nature, and techniques of different artist that I admire but always personalizing it with my touch of freedom, passion, and honesty.


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