Healing Reflections: "Hugs Interrupted" by Sue Kinderman

Jan 8, 2021 | Hannah Schlotthauer, Administrative Assistant | @schlohan

"Hugs Interrupted"
Story by: Sue Kinderman | Eau Claire WI

Darn virus has come
to keep us apart.
Stay six feet away
is where we must start.

Hug motions are stilled,
sometimes even withdrawn,
yet hugs come from hearts,
so they will never be gone.

The power of love
that fills us inside
is no match for this challenge
to which we must rise.

For nothing is greater
than love-filled hearts.
They heal and embrace us,
can't keep us apart.

Though hugs interrupted
is a pain hard to bear,
you're held close to my heart—
please believe me, I care.

The look in your eyes
tells me, too, this is hard,
for our hearts yearn to touch,
sharing love with our arms.

I can't wait for the day,
and soon it will come,
when we can feel our hearts' love
through the touch of our hug.

For now, though, be strong,
and know it is true,
I want more than ever
to be holding you.

Please know—
the hugs in my heart
get bigger each day,
and the love I feel for you
will never go away.

Love and Hugs,
Grandma Sue


Art by: Shawna Stanley | Chippewa Falls WI

Shawna Lou Creative opened its freelance doors in the summer of 2017. It began with Shawna's passion for creativity and love of hand lettering.

Shawna works primarily in hand lettering, murals, logo design and custom artwork launches. While she loves helping small businesses stand out above the crowd with branded collections; her greatest joy is seeing someone wearing her artwork.

Growing up in a family of creatives she was destined to have this as her profession. Shawna earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of WI - Eau Claire. She has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 15 years.

Shawna now works from her studio in Northwestern, Wisconsin. She enjoys spending time with her family, long walks in nature with her puppy Nala and giving back to her community.


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