Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important

Posted by ainsleigh @ainsleigh, Feb 11, 2019

@ainsleigh– Recently we learned that my 19 year old Grandson (who has been diagnosed with depression, panic attacks and anxiety) has not been
on the right medication. In fact the one he has been on was in the red (wrong) zone as opposed to green or yellow. Needless-to-say he is tapering off it in preparation to be put on one in the green zone! We did learn this through the Genetic Testing. If you are able to access this testing I would really recommend it!
Best wishes

Hello Everybody – this is a very interesting topic as I'm thinking about getting tested using the Apeiron Genetic Array with coaching by an Epigenetic coach. Is this similar to the genetic testing discussed here? Thanks. Karen


Hello….it sounds like this has been very beneficial for your grandson which makes things sound hopeful for some of the rest of us.

There’s 2 major genetic testing companies in the US …do you know and can you share who was chosen to do the testing? Also, did the testing company provide raw data and/or a detailed report?

I am currently researching what the Mayo Clinic does or does not do for mental health patients.

Thank you very much

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