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Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important

Posted by @ainsleigh, Mon, Feb 11 6:32pm

@ainsleigh– Recently we learned that my 19 year old Grandson (who has been diagnosed with depression, panic attacks and anxiety) has not been
on the right medication. In fact the one he has been on was in the red (wrong) zone as opposed to green or yellow. Needless-to-say he is tapering off it in preparation to be put on one in the green zone! We did learn this through the Genetic Testing. If you are able to access this testing I would really recommend it!
Best wishes


@ainsleigh – Good morning @ainsleigh. Would you mind explaining what the test is and what the colors and zones mean? Thank you.

@merpreb– Hi Merry- This test was done through CAMH in Toronto and is called the Impact Study but I believe this testing is done in many places.
The purpose is to determine through genetic testing which psychotropic medications are most helpful (or not) with mental health problems. The green as I called it means it is ok to use as directed. The yellow means to use with caution. The red means to use with increased caution and with more frequent monitoring. Think of traffic lights- green is go-yellow is caution and red is stop. My Grandson was on the only one that came up in the "red" category.
I believe the test looks at how a person's liver metabolizes the drugs I hope this is helpful.
Best wishes

@ainsleigh– Hi! Great information. I didn't know that this tests was available. It would save a lot of time vs being a guinea pig, trying different meds. Thank you

@merpreb– You are welcome Merry. It was from another member of our Connect group that I was fortunate to learn about the genetic testing so I am very grateful as it did enable us to get my Grandson tested. If you google Mayo Clinic genetic testing it tells the various ways it is being used. To me it seems like a wonderful tool for those struggling with mental health issues.
Best wishes

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