Started back to yoga and now knee is sore. Ugh

Posted by lblazina @lblazina, Jan 14, 2020

Had right TKR June 2019. Have done very well with recovery and had my six month followup two weeks ago. Everything looks great. Started back with my yoga teacher for two private sessions thus far. She is very conservative and knowledgeable but now my knee is somewhat sore on outside and when bending. I'm wondering if any of you have tried yoga after surgery and how did it go? I also have spondylolisthesis l4-5 and sciatica so I'm basically a mess. she is working only on some soft stretches using props and working on my balance and gait….my right foot seriously wants to turn out and I'm trying to realign my posture. Should I hold off on the yoga for a while? I have a recumbent bike on the way for exercise and plan on beginning to swim at the Y as that has been my go to exercise. Thanks for any input.

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Good evening @iblazina, Oh dear…..I know that Ugh!. I took it very easy after my TKR. I went to the restorative Yoga class rather than the chair or gentle yoga. Then props are used to support the stretching and very few of the poses are standing. It sounds like you have been doing very well. Slow and gentle is what my surgeon advised. I just opened a discussion for Joint Replacements that reveals more issues for TKR rehab. You may find it helpful. Be safe and protected. Chris


Thank you Chris! My teacher also has a restorative and meditation class that I could attend. I think I will try that. Thank you for the information and the support!!!

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