Six Month Post Aortic Heart Valve: All is Great

Posted by BruceS @ch246cf10, Sep 18, 2018

Just checking in. The On-X Aortic Valve installed on January 31st is doing its job quite well. Prior to the surgery hiking/climbing on trails in Alaska were a real chore. maybe get 50 ft. in elevation and completely spent. Had to take a sit down. This really limited my ability to keep up with the group.
Few weeks back we went to Natural Bridge Cavers here in Texas. It is 180' deep. When you exit the cave there are some steep switch backs to get you back up to ground level. I realized half way thru, I didn't need to take a rest like in Alaska. For the first time in my life I have a heart that can keep up with my activities. I was walking with the wife a few nights a week but the schedule in the last month has been getting in the way. Need to get back on that.
Once the surgeon released me for work I started doing push-ups in the morning and at first just 5. They were impossible to do. Today I am at 33 each morning. My goal is 50. Maybe by the holidays I'll be there.
My Blood pressure meds needed to be reduced as my heart is functioning normal now. I think with more exercise I can further reduce the need for the medications.

That's all I have now. Early in 2019 we will go to Alaska again. I won't be able to hike some of the trails as we did in the summer. Maybe I'll have to hike in cramp-ons if I do!


@ch246cf10– Bruce, way to go my friend! you sound like one determined hombre from TX. Good luck with all your endeavors and I hope you get to 50 pushups in do time. Hike on my friend and be well!

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Bruce, great uplifting story for us following behind you. Thanks. did you have any issues of AFib after your surgery?

No Afib issues. All issues were minor. No appetite, cold arms, etc. Was in the hospital for 5 days. I've had the side chest opening 2X before this front sternum opening, and the front procedure was 1/10th the pain and discomfort. I was expecting more pain and discomfort, but it just didn't happen. I didn't take any pain meds after I left the hospital, so what ever side effects those may cause were negated.


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Sorry I couldn't participate. Had my INR checkup in Austin at exactly this time! My luck. And no, I was out of range. Too thin this time, 2.3 INR. I have been having some difficulty staying in the 1.5-2.0 INR range. Prior test 2 weeks ago, too thick @ 1.4 INR.

All the best.

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