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seizure/stroke sysmptoms

Posted by @allen1 in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 4, 2011

For the last 11 months symptoms have been loss of vision, body tingles, loss of memory, seizure activity, numbness, chest pains, headaches, feels like back of head is "mushy"..feels like blood pressure just drops out.. hospitalizeds 3 times, numerous ER visits...and still dont know what it is..

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Posted by @8times, Aug 25, 2011

I'll say a prayer for you friend. Your symptoms read similar to a stroke. My wife experienced these symptoms upon awaking one morning in May 2011. She has since had at least 7 more strokes and is currently in the hospital undergoing rehab and further testing. Her neurologist is thinking vascultis and auto-immune disease. I am uncertain in your case because my wife's stroke was very apparent upon arriving at the ER. I suggest trying another hospital and please let us know what you learn. You could save a life...even your own. May GOD bless you and good luck.


Posted by @allen1, Aug 25, 2011

Allen has them everyday...he will feel fine and then they begin to come on..sometimes watching tv..and it will be a minor shake..he has to be careful after laying down and then trying toi get up..cant distinquish from going to sleep or going out.. if he tries to to sometihing like ride bike/ mow lawn..he can feel bad and sometimes push past it while hes moving..but when he stops then the reactions start even heavier..he also gets fever with these.. thanks for the prayers..WE Plead the blood of Jesus over these situations for you and yours too.!!! thats the problem..we dont have a dr... we dont have nsurance we go thru wondering if he will come out of the next one...:(


Posted by @8times, Aug 28, 2011

Please..not having insurance will not prevent you from getting the care that you need. All 'for-profit' hospitals have some kind of government subsidy which means by law they "must" help. I warned our hospital that I would keep bringing my wife to the ER once she is discharged if they do not treat her. That seemed to have gotten their attention. Her bill thus far after 25 days admiitance is approaching the $200000 mark I guess. We are old and poor. Can we ever pay that? What price is worth a life? I promised the hospital that I will donate my body upon death for their studies and I will. I wont need my worthless carcass anyway! PRAISE GOD and our Lord Jesus!! Good luck and get the help.

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