Seizure Treatment and causes

Posted by iamheal101 @iamheal101, Aug 21 10:27am

I do have seizure. I smoke and drink alcohol. Will the Seizure stop if I stop this drinking and smoking habit?

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Good afternoon,
My answer to your question would be who knows.

Some doctors say smoking won’t increase seizures yet there are statistics that smokers are 4 times more likely to have have a seizure. I cant speak as to the validity of either.

Smoking has been proven to be harmful to every organ system including changing electrical activity in the brain which is the basis for seizures so I believe it may be possible that smoking may lower the seizure threshold although I don’t know if it would lower it to the point of actually causing seizure activity. I have read some smokers saying that when they stop smoking they have a seizure. An excellent question, just wish I knew the answer. I am afraid it’s going to be a long time before there’s a definitive answer.
As far as alcohol is concerned I know a lot of people with epilepsy who indulge in spirits. The main reason many doctors suggest not to partake if you have epilepsy is probably due to increased side effects from the medication. The alcohol can intensify certain side effects.

Alcohol is a poison to our bodies and our body goes into priority mode to remove it as soon as it is detected.
Seizures are generally caused by alcohol poisoning from binge drinking hours to a couple of days after a person stops drinking. A major reason not to drink heavily is the possibility of Convulsive Status Epilepticus a life threatening emergency of continuous seizure activity.
My own personal belief is that if people would abstain from both they would probably be better off.

So @iamheal101 would you like to share how much you smoke & drink?

Have you been diagnosed with Epilepsy?
If so do you know your diagnosis? Do you know what type seizures you have? Are you on seizure medication?
Bottoms up & take care,

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