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Seizure Treatment and causes

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Sounds like it may be Catamenial Epilepsy.
Is your daughter aware of having the seizures or is her awareness impaired?
Did the doctor mention the type of seizure or if they were Focal/Generalized/Partial/Tonic-Clonic?
Does she have any warnings before the seizure?
Here is a more active Epilepsy forum called Coping with Epilepsy. Here is a link. If you want to post a question chose THE KITCHEN from the list.


Here is some in-depth information on Catamenial Epilepsy.


Here is a woman's account of what helped her. There are also many comments.


Here is some info from the Epilepsy Foundation.


Wishing you and your daughter the best of luck,

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Replies to "@hoochinmama Sounds like it may be Catamenial Epilepsy. Is your daughter aware of having the seizures..."

No she's never aware when its coming and she gets so sick after like throwing up for 12-16 hours and she cant remember simple stuff like how old she is, or what we did the day before , when we took her to primary children's they did the sleep study test said that they seen something abnormal but didnt know what is was they did a blood test and said that her insulin level is super high but still didnt do anything , They have never put her on any kind of medicine. Im at a loss for what and where to go from here