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Seizure Treatment and causes

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My daughter Has Seizures was diagnosed with epilepsy.. But that's all no meds just hey you have seizures. Any insight on where to go next she is 17 never had seizures, til she started her periods she has a period she has a seizure every time. Put on birth control seemed to work for the last 3 years and then Friday the 11 of march 2022. Had a seizure, I feel like I'm back to square 1. Please any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hello @hoochinmama and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sure this must be very concerning for you. It was great that you noticed her menstrual cycle as a trigger for seizures. Can you confirm if your daughter diagnosed with Catamenial Epilepsy specifically?

For Catamenial Epilepsy, birth control can help due to the progesterone. It may be the case that she needs a different type of birth control due to her changing hormonal needs. Have you considered revisiting this as a starting point to see if a change in dosage would be beneficial?

Hi @hoochinmama I find interests in your comment about your daughter having high levels of insulin. You didn't mentioned she was a diabetic, so I'm assuming she isn't. Did they test her levels of glucose to see if it was related to the high insulin level? Do you know if she eats lots of sweets or high carb content food or does she prefer sugar free food and drinks? I'm curious because I'm looking for what causes my seizures and high insulin levels was of interests on mine, even though it is self induced for me since I'm a type 1 diabetic.